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​Graphic Design and Architecture Consultancy
for the Humanitarian Sector.

The Human Atelier is a consultancy specialising in supporting people, communities and humanitarian agencies by providing construction technical support as well as graphic support for shelter and construction programs in an emergency context.

The Human Atelier is a reliable partner in providing high quality consultancy services to humanitarian agencies in areas such as Shelter, Water and Sanitation, Camp management, Health, Education and Disaster Risk Reduction.



The Human Atelier offers technical and graphic support for shelter and other construction programs, both on site as well as remotely.

Those services include:

3D Modelling
Architectural Design and Construction Drawings
Graphic and Editorial Design of Humanitarian Reports and Guides
Graphic and Editorial Design of Key Messages and Learning Material


Lessons Learnt Report

CRS - Caritas Bangladesh

Lessons Learnt Report

CRS - Caritas Bangladesh

Lessons Learnt Report

CRS - Caritas Bangladesh

CCCM Case Studies

CCCM Global Cluster

Shelter & Settlements 2019-2022 Strategy


Cash and Markets Support

CRS - Global Shelter Cluster

Shelter & Settlements
Case Studies


USK Demonstration Shelter

CRS - Caritas Bangladesh

HLP Area of Responsibility

NRC - Global Protection Cluster

IEC Materials Rohingya Response

CRS - Caritas Bangladesh

Hurricane Strap Connections IEC 


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About me

I was born in France close to Geneva. After graduating in architecture at the University of Stuttgart I went on to complete the international cooperation: sustainable emergency architecture master at UIC Barcelona.


In the last few years, I have had the opportunity to work in the private sector, development and in emergency as a shelter and settlement consultant. While working in Bangladesh during the Rohingya emergency response in 2018, I saw the opportunities of participatory planning processes in emergency responses and the huge role of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials. 

The use of natural materials for shelter and infrastructure is critical to me both to reduce the ecological footprint of construction and to improve the living environment. 


Combining these needs and opportunities as well as my knowledge led me to create the Human Atelier, to collaborate in creating sustainable projects upholding the dignity of each individual and to support and advocate for resilient and self-sufficient communities.

Livia Mikulec

Who I have worked with:

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